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Bunionette: A Bunion for the Little Toe

A bunionette is very similar to a bunion, except that it is found on the pinky toe.  It is also known as a tailor’s bunion.  (This is because tailors once sat cross-legged all day with the outside edge of their feet rubbing on the ground causing a pressure area at the bottom of their little toe.)  With very few people working as tailors today, bunionette’s are more commonly caused by shoes that are too narrow. A bunionette is found where the small toe connects to the foot.  This joint is called the metatarsophalangeal joint and is where a metatarsal (a long bone in the foot) connects with a phalange (a small bone in the base of the toe).  A bunionette…

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is an enlargement of the metatarsophalangeal joint (the joint at the base of the big toe).  It is created when bone or tissue of the joint moves.  Bending of this altered joint is the source of pain, which is made worse with the joint normally supporting much of the body’s weight while walking.    Other typical symptoms of a bunion are: a firm bump on the outside edge of the foot at the base of the big toe, redness, swelling, pain, corns or other skin irritation, and restricted or painful movement of the big toe.   Short-term pain relief is easy to do at home.  Examples of ways to ease the pain include over the counter bunion pad placed…

Bunion Surgery Myths

A bunion, otherwise known as hallux abducto valgus involves misalignment of the bones at the big toe joint and sometimes the joint within the big toe.  This abnormal anatomy causes the boney prominence on the inside of the big toe.  Conservative treatments vary, but surgery is the best treatment and extremely common.  Some people avoid the surgery because they have heard stories and misconceptions.  The surgery does typically require realignment of the bones through bone cuts and screws.  The podiatrists at Coastal Podiatry Associates are well trained, having executed hundreds of bunion surgeries.  The following statements are myths, especially when using Coastal Podiatry.   Myth 1: Bunion Surgery is Extremely Painful Bunion surgery is not different from other surgeries.  In…

What Your Podiatrist Can Do For You In 2016:

Be there when you need them. Podiatrists treat conditions of both the foot and ankle. If you have pain or questions about your feet, they are well qualified. Each podiatrist goes to a medical school specifically for foot and ankle. Today’s podiatrist also does a three year surgical residency. If you have consistent pain or problems, you don’t have to just live with them. Come see us and we can answer questions and give surgical and non surgical treatment options for anything from discolored or ingrown nails to bunions and fractures. Treat your whole family. Our podiatrists are well qualified to treat feet and ankles from birth. If you have questions about flat feet or otherwise bring your child so…

Bunion Treatment

What is a bunion?

A bunion is an abnormal shifting of the bones in the foot which causes a bone bump on the inside of the foot and the big toe tends to deviate toward the 2nd toe.  The big toe is critical to walking and when it is misaligned it can cause pain in the foot and other joints due to walking abnormally.  With the change in size and position of the foot from a bunion it can be hard to find shoes that fit.  The good news is it can be fixed. You don’t have to hobble the rest of your life.

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