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Category Archives: Ridiculous Shoe of the Month

Ridiculous Shoe of the Month- May

tricerahightops This month’s ridiculous shoe comes to us directly from the Jurassic Era.  What better way to fend off would-be predators than with your Tricera[high]tops!

Ridiculous Shoe of the Month- March

pizza shoesHave you ever loved pizza so much that you wanted to walk on it?  Here at Fenton Foot Care we love pizza as much as anyone, but this seems like taking your love of pizza a little too far…

Ridiculous Shoe of the Month- January

lego shoesHappy New Year! In honor of all the new toys the kids got for Christmas, the Ridiculous Shoe for January is made from the toy that is the nemesis of bare feet everywhere. Legos! We sure hope that these Lego shoes are more comfortable than walking on loose Legos!

Ridiculous Shoe of the Month- November

clear boots; you better have clean socksWith all the harsh weather lately, this month’s ridiculous shoes are boots.  These transparent boots are sure to get you noticed on the job site!  You had better be wearing clean socks!

Ridiculous Shoe of the Month- September

September’sadidas-wings Ridiculous Shoe is the athletic shoe version of Mercury’s winged sandals.  Perfect for those days when you want to feel like the Messenger of the Gods!  We don’t, however, recommend attempting flight while wearing them.

Ridiculous Shoe of the Month- August

ridiculous shoe 3Onward, my trusty steed! This month’s entry for the Ridiculous Shoe of the Month allows the wearer to fulfill their equine fantasy, at least for their feet. The question we have is: Do you need to wear horseshoes on your horse shoes?