The Truth About Plantar Warts

As school starts and schedules get busy, don’t forget to check your kids feet and hands for warts.

Shoes or sandal recommended when by the pool and locker room
Shoes or sandals are recommended when by the pool and in the locker room

Warts, or verruca is the medical term, are caused by a virus. This virus is very common and can be picked up at the pool, the beach, the shower or in the gym. The microscopic virus enters the skin of your hands and feet through tiny breaks in the skin. Dr. Holdren Otis most commonly sees them in children, specifically ones who like to go barefoot, like gymnasts. Warts are not always painful but when they are on a weight-bearing surface they can build up a thick skin layer and feel like walking on a pebble. Warts usually have a white thick covering with pinpoint black dots representing the capillaries that supply blood to the wart itself. Warts can also be seen on the tops of hands and feet as well, but are not as painful.

It is important to treat warts when they are first noticed so they do not spread or get larger. A larger wart can be more difficult, more painful and may take more treatments than a smaller one. Plantar (bottom of the foot) warts can be very frustrating to treat and over the counter medications may not be strong enough. If over the counter medication fails for your family’s warts please come see Dr. Hirt and Dr. Holdren Otis at Fenton Footcare. We have the latest treatment for warts.
How can you prevent warts? Lysol or other agents that kill viruses are used in the shower and can help it from spreading to other family members. Avoid picking at warts so they do not spread.  Sandals and shoes are recommended in public places like the pool, gym and locker room. Keeping your feet clean, dry and changing shoes and socks daily is always helpful.