April is National Foot Health Awareness Month!

feetThe doctors and staff of Fenton Foot Care would like to remind you and your loved ones that this is the perfect time to have your feet checked to determine what shape they’re in.

Examining our feet can help us identify early symptoms of other serious disorders like vascular disease and diabetes. Foot issues can also cause other problems throughout our body.

Abnormal changes to the foot include:
•    Bunions (the formation of a large bump on the big toe, which starts to point toward the little toes)
•    Hammering of the toes (curling of the toes)
•    Clawing of the toes (more severe curling of the toes)
•    Tailor’s bunion (the formation of a large bump on the smallest toe, which starts to point  toward the large toe)
•    Calluses or corns, which occur on the toes or foot due to high pressure over bony areas
•    Morton’s neuromas (“pinched nerve” between the toes)
•    Arthritis of the joints
Take time today to schedule your early foot health exam. Early detection and treatment of problems help keep you active and on your feet pain-free!

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