Winter Boots are out and High Heels are in!

Now that the winter boots have finally been put away for the season (hopefully, this is Michigan after all!), it’s time to consider how your shoes are impacting your feet.  This handy chart shows that high heels are the #1 cause of foot pain, and includes some tips for making your feet a little happier while wearing them, such as:

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes, such as sneakers, to and from work and change into heels at work.
  • Select Shoes with a heel no taller than 2 inches.
  • Limit your time wearing high heels
  • Be sure that any high heel shoe has enough room for your toes and plenty of cushioning under the ball of your foot.

Follow this advice and you can get more enjoyment out of your shoes, because shoes that hurt your feet are no fun at all.

If you’re having foot pain, either from your shoes or any reason at all, don’t hesitate to call today for an appointment at 810-629-3338 (FEET).  You don’t have to live with foot pain!

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