Summer is Here: Avoid Those Stinky Feet and Smelly Shoes

IMG_3940Smelly feet and shoes come from sweaty feet! All the organisms that live in shoes need a dark, warm, damp environment to thrive, and when they thrive they can make some bad odors. Your shoes are the perfect environment for fungus, bacteria, yeasts and all the other little creepy things that live in shoes.

Tips to prevent those smelly feet:

  • Let shoes dry for 24 hours before wearing them again
  • Don’t leave your gym shoes in the gym bag, as they will not get dry
  • Wear sandals in the gym showers and locker rooms to prevent contaminating feet
  • Wear socks: socks wick moisture from the feet and prevent the feet from being wet and stinky
  • Avoid shoes that are made of rubber or cheap leather, as they will cause more heat and moisture
  • Change your socks in the middle of the day if they get damp
  • There are many medications for purchase in the Fenton office to treat sweaty feet (Don’t forget to treat your shoes too if odor gets really bad!)

If you get odd rashes or skin lesions on feet or legs go to one of our offices and have them looked at.  They could be a result of sweaty feet and easily treated. The public wastes millions of dollars on over the counter treatments that don’t fix the problem they have.  Have one of our expert doctors diagnose and give you the right treatment today!

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