Back to School Shoe Buying Tips

It’s back to school shopping time!  One of the most important purchases you will make is a good pair of shoes for your child.  The doctors and staff at Fenton Foot Care would like to share some good tips on buying the right shoe.

  • Always have your child’s feet measured. Feet are often different sizes and you should buy the shoes to the size of the bigger foot.
  • Never pass down shoes to younger siblings in the way you would other clothing.  Shoes are specific to the wearer’s feet, and hand-me-down shoes can cause pain and discomfort.
  • heelThe heel of the shoe should not collapse when pushed down, like this one does:






  • foldThe shoe should “fold” in the middle to allow for walking, but not fold too much, like this shoe does:





  • wringThe shoe should have good arch support. When you twist it, it should be somewhat rigid, unlike this shoe:






If your child is experiencing any foot problems or discomfort, make an appointment today so he/she will get a good start to the school year!